Spanish Immersion

All classes participate in a weekly Spanish Immersion program in partnership with Spanish Immersion Workshop. The sessions are specifically designed and taught by founder Karina Gimenez for Cold Spring Harbor Nursery School students to help the children acquire the Spanish language naturally. Classes are enriched with songs, games, storytelling, role-play, and movement activities.

Karina Gimenez is a native Spanish speaker educated in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she studied early childhood language education and earned her degree from a prominent teacher’s College.

For eight years, while living in Buenos Aires, she developed and implemented early childhood foreign language programs at various local public and private schools.

Since 2002, here in the US, she has been teaching Spanish to children as an early childhood development program. She founded Spanish Immersion Workshop in 2005.

Ms. Gimenez believes strongly that all children should have consistent, methodical exposure to a second language before they turn eight, giving them the neural development that only takes place at this early age and the foundation for becoming multi-lingual.She started Spanish Immersion Workshop to bring that opportunity to the children of Long Island.