Meet the Masters Art Program

Meet the Masters is an art program designed by Museum Educator Tami Wood specifically for the nursery and Pre-K classes at Cold Spring Harbor Nursery School.

For over a decade, Mrs. Wood has taught and continues to teach families with young children at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She has previously taught at the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the Guggenheim Museum.

Based on her experience working with children in museums, Mrs. Wood created a nursery school curriculum that introduces students to famous artists, art ideas and vocabulary. Her teaching technique, which is rooted in the Visual Thinking Strategies method, encourages active observation and discussion that develops children’s’ visual literacy and communication skills. Each week, she fosters a conversation about an artwork and engages the children in a hands-on open-ended project that explores the art and ideas of the day. The art-making experience is one that encourages exploration and that values process over final product. Each weekly art class builds on the one before with units devoted to art elements such as line, color, material. Mrs. Wood involves the nursery school families in the learning process through weekly Art Update emails, hallway displays and a culminating student art exhibition.